Next steps

This page provides information on some of the things you’ll need to do if you are successful with your application for a Friendship Grant.


The majority of requirements for Friendship Grant recipients are mapped out in the Round 1 Australian Aid: Friendship Grants timeline which can be downloaded below.

Timeline [PDF 407 KB]

Grant agreement

If your Friendship Grant application is successful, you will need to sign a legally binding agreement with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

You can download the draft grant agreement here:

Draft grant agreement – [PDF 142 KB] | [Word 87 KB]

Bootcamp and Learning Forum

Successful applicants will need to send one person from their Australian community organisation (ACO) to the mandatory Bootcamp in December 2018 and Learning Forum in December 2019, both in Canberra. Funding for one ACO representative to attend the Bootcamp and Learning Forum can come from the ‘Administration Costs’ component of Grant funding. Please see the Guidelines for further details.


Successful applicants will need to complete a mid-term and final report on their Activity. You can download the report templates below, which may be subject to minor changes.

Monitoring and evaluation guidance has been drafted to help successful applicants with their reporting to DFAT. It is also provided here so that you and your in-country community partners are aware of how DFAT expects you to collect data to report on the progress of your Activity and explain the change(s) that occurred in the community as a result.

Friendship Grants Monitoring and Evaluation Guidance Note  [PDF 150 KB] | [Word 170 KB]

Last Updated: 29 June 2018