Accreditation of Australian NGOs

Accreditation of Australian NGOs is a front-end and rigorous risk-management process. It is also a robust due diligence process for DFAT. Accreditation ensures the Australian Government is funding professional, well-managed organisations that are capable of delivering quality development outcomes and are accountable to their stakeholders. It assures the Australian public that the Australian Government is working with the most effective partners.

Australian NGOs must gain DFAT accreditation to receive funding under the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP). To gain accreditation, Australian NGOs undergo a thorough and independent assessment of their organisational structure, philosophies, policies and practices against an agreed set of criteria. Australian NGOs must demonstrate capacity and performance against a range of indicators and may seek accreditation at either Base or Full level.

Accreditation is also a capacity-building tool, enabling Australian NGOs to reflect on and improve their own performance.

A review of DFAT accreditation was completed in May 2018. The review examined the accreditation process to ensure it meets DFAT’s current and anticipated risk parameters and the requirements in DFAT’s Due Diligence Framework. It also assessed if accreditation meets the needs of the Australian NGO community and streamlined the entire process to reduce administrative burden.

The revised Australian NGO Accreditation Guidance Manual details the process and eligibility requirements – including the assessment criteria. This Agency Profile Template [PDF 198 KB] is an example of the application form. A checklist [PDF 349 KB] to assist NGOs to complete Criteria A3: The ANGO has effective child safeguards will also need to be uploaded as part of the Agency Profile.

Australian NGO Accreditation Guidance Manual [PDF 1.76 MB]
Australian NGO Accreditation Guidance Manual [Word 685 KB]


Australian NGOs wanting to apply for accreditation must meet the following eligibility requirements:


Australian NGOs applying for accreditation for the first time, or ANCP NGOs seeking to upgrade their accreditation status from Base to Full (outside of their re-accreditation timeframe), can submit applications online between 1 July and 30 September 2019. DFAT will assess applications in the order they are received.

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New or Upgrading NGOs in the 2019 Application round

Re-accrediting NGOs during 2019-20

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Last Updated: 25 June 2019