Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Framework

The Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Framework (MELF) provides the evidence base to demonstrate the effectiveness of the ANCP in achieving results in economic growth and poverty reduction. The MELF consists of the following elements:

  • common reporting formats, one for annual planning (due 30 June); and another for reporting performance and results against a common set of indicators (approximately 90). The performance report includes a financial acquittal (due 30 September)
  • meta-evaluations which focus on the quality and range of outcomes in the implementation of ANCP activities
  • thematic reviews which provide an opportunity to explore particular topics around development effectiveness in greater depth and demonstrate impact of ANCP against sectoral themes
  • an annual program of in-country visits to monitor effectiveness, compliance and alignment with government priorities.

ANCP Aid Program Performance Report

Each year the performance of the ANCP in achieving its objectives is assessed. The results of that assessment are provided in an Aid Program Performance Report (APPR).

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Last Updated: 13 February 2018