Business Partnerships Platform

  • Improving health outcomes for under-served communities in rural Rajasthan

    This partnership aims to increase community awareness of health information in Bhilwara district in Rajasthan state.

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  • Redefining markets for female poultry farmers in rural Madhya Pradesh

    By entering a new market, producers will be able to improve their profit margins and increase their incomes.

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  • Empowering women to sell solar energy in India’s unelectrified communities

    This partnership will seek to promote ecologically friendly energy products for household use.

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  • Improving access to reliable electricity in villages in rural Andhra Pradesh

    Access to reliable electricity is essential to help alleviate poverty and to enable communities to grow.

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Engaging the private sector is at the cornerstone of Australia’s modernised aid program, supporting economic growth, incomes and jobs.

The Business Partnership Platform (BPP) is helping to accelerate Australia’s collaboration with business in addressing development challenges in our region.

Business Partnerships Platform India Window

Congratulations to Karma Healthcare, Village Energy, the Madhya Pradesh Women Poultry Producer Company and Pollinate Energy. These partnerships deliver shared value in the energy, agriculture and health sectors.

BPP partnerships in India will support scalable shared value partnerships that will contribute to India's economic growth agenda whilst addressing development challenges. Shared value partnerships deliver development impacts as well as commercial returns.

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What is the Business Partnerships Platform?

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Last Updated: 28 September 2018