Job information and recruitment service in Cambodia

This partnership develops Cambodia’s first for-profit job listing and recruitment platform for the applied labour sector, to be known as Bong Srey, initially targeting the garment industry.

Bong Srey provides job listing and referral services to low-skilled workers, most of whom are women. It provides access to job information and links to employment opportunities, improving choices for job-seekers and employers. Up to 200 factories and 300,000 low income households will have access to the service.

This initiative leverages Krawma’s position as a market leader in the job listing market, and The Asia Foundation’s program experience in expanding economic opportunities and empowering women.

DFAT provides advocacy support to promote the service and, if successful in its initial phase, assist its scale-up across industries, sectors and regions.

Location of partnership

Partnership aims

  • Reduce barriers for low-skilled workers to find decent work through improving access to information for the applied labour sector in Cambodia.
  • Positively influence job seeking and recruitment practices in the apparel industry by empowering disadvantaged women in the garment sector to make more informed employment choices; and by engaging with garment factories and value chain actors to gain a competitive advantage through positive and legitimate recruitment strategies.
  • Developing a viable and sustainable business model and digital assets with the potential for scalability and application in other industries, sectors, and/or regions.

Key facts




Gender equality

This initiative will focus on gender equality by promoting women’s economic empowerment and decision making through improving their access to information about employment opportunities.

Women make up almost 90 per cent of the 700,000 workers in the low skilled, low pay garment industry. Recruitment is normally carried out through agents in rural areas or via job notices posted on factory gates. Women have little information about relative wages and working conditions between employers.

The Bong Srey platform will offer both information about vacancies, and data about employer’s working conditions through smartphones, free of charge and using video and other visual/hearing cues for women with varying literacy. Job information has the potential to give women in factories or women considering factory work the opportunity to gain better employment.

Shared value

This partnership creates shared value by reconceiving products and markets.

Krawma’s job recruitment service market share and reputation have continually increased over the past 10 years despite the introduction of several well-resourced national and international competitors.

By developing this new service stream, Krawma will be able to move into a new market space, initially targeting the apparel sector, and increase its number of clients and sales of job listings.

The service will improve information about jobs and facilitate better access to job opportunities for low-skilled low-income workers, particularly women.

What is shared value?

Shared value is defined as policies and practices that enhance the competitiveness of companies while improving social and environmental conditions in the regions where they operate. To qualify as shared value, there must be an identifiable economic benefit to the company as well as measurable impact on a social or environmental issue. The BPP is helping businesses partner with the Australian aid program in achieving shared value – advancing both social and economic objectives. These partnerships are primarily being created in one or more of the following ways:

  • Reconceiving products and markets
  • Redefining productivity in the value chain
  • Enabling local cluster development

Partner information


Krawma is a job announcement and classified advertising web portal business that manages and operates the Internet domain Known as “the Bong Thom website”. This online platform facilitates paid announcements for job recruitment, education and training primarily for highly educated workers, and those with experience, and currently services more than 800,000 job seekers and has over 5,700 registered company profiles. Under this initiative, Krawma will expand its operations through developing and operating the job listing and recruitment platform to be known as Bong Srey, matching job demand to available supply in the low income applied labour sector, where previously no such online facility has existed.

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The Asia Foundation

The Asia Foundation (TAF) is a non-profit international development organisation committed to improving lives in Asia. With 60 years’ experience, TAF aims to strengthen governance, empower women, expand economic opportunity, increase environmental resilience, and promote regional cooperation. Access to decent work and livelihood support for vulnerable populations is a key priority in Cambodia for TAF, and this initiative builds upon research and a pilot study, led by TAF, that identified a demand for job information in the apparel segment of the applied labour sector. TAF will be in charge of project management of the initiative and will liaise between Krawma, DFAT, the Garment Manufacturing Association of Cambodia, civil society organisations and private sector stakeholders. TAF will also be in charge of monitoring and evaluation, and gender advisory.

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Last Updated: 23 October 2017