Summary of Round 2 partnerships

Elevate logo

Indonesia coconut sugar supply chain enterprise

The partnership will establish sustainable social enterprises that improve working conditions and job opportunities for smallholder farmers. These social businesses will strengthen and grow sustainable coconut sugar supply, improving the livelihoods of producers.

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Creating new markets for seeds and vegetables in Myanmar

The partnership will pilot the development of a new regional market for seed and other agricultural inputs, increasing production of and access to locally grown vegetables. The partnership will strengthen the local vegetable sector and provide new market opportunities for vegetable farmers and the private sector in Kayin State.

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Job information and recruitment service in Cambodia

The partnership will provide a job information service for low-skilled jobseekers, especially women working in the garment sector in Cambodia. The service will provide low-skilled workers with more employment opportunities – in particular reducing barriers for women workers in the garment industry.

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Enhance livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Laos

The partnership will enhance livelihoods of smallholder farming families through improving the marketability of their cattle and buffalo. Livestock health will improve through greater access to better nutrition and parasite control, leading to higher meat yields. The partnership will benefit women who are playing an increasingly important role in large animal farming.

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Digital payment platform in north Sri Lanka

The partnership will promote economic growth through financial inclusion by providing mobile savings and payment technology to people in North Sri Lanka. An inclusive digital payment platform will service rural villages, providing access to savings accounts, loans, and payment systems.

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Pakistan partnerships in inclusive seed systems 

The partnership will increase participation of smallholder farmers in the seed value chain, helping to enhance crop practices leading to better yields and livelihoods. The partnership will develop an innovative, scalable and sustainable business model that broadens and diversifies the seed procurement base for rice, wheat and vegetables.

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Mart (Business Mind Social Heart) logo

Promoting affordable vision corrective services to rural populations in Bangladesh

The partnership will increase access to affordable primary vision care and foster better health outcomes for vision-impaired people in Bangladesh. It will establish micro-enterprises to provide primary vision care and to dispense affordable spectacle.

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Bangladesh SME Corporation Limited logo

Improving the dairy sector and promoting sustainable energy use in Bangladesh

The partnership will enable dairy enterprises to access finance for business expansion and off-grid energy solutions. It will generate income through increased milk trading, and empower women through reduced work burden, recognition and economic gains.

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Improving access to markets for smallholder coconut farmers in Samoa

The partnership will scale up and extend the supply of Samoan, Fairtrade organic coconut product, boosting Samoa’s participation in global markets. It will promote investment in coconut farmers’ supply chain. Women will be supported both as farmers and in their capacity as growers’ association members.

Village Infrastructure logo

Improving productivity with solar agricultural mills in Vanuatu

The partnership will provides access to solar energy solutions for 3,000 poor and remote off-grid households in 60 villages in Vanuatu.

Last Updated: 26 February 2018