Supporting the Afghan Government to maintain economic growth and institute more effective and accountable governance


Afghanistan faces major challenges to economic growth and governance, including protracted insecurity, corruption and service delivery bottlenecks. Addressing these challenges is a priority of the Afghan Government and will be key to improved development and poverty alleviation in the country.

To achieve this objective, Australia is providing on-budget funding through the World Bank-administered Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF), through which donors contribute directly to the Afghan Government's National Priority Programs across sectors and supplement the Afghan Government's non-security operational expenditure. Australia also supported reform of public financial management (PFM), by building the capacity of Afghan Government ministries in budget management and execution, financial accountability and service delivery.

Security remains critical to Afghanistan's economic and social development. Australia's commitment to sustainment of the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces is helping to develop a professional police force that is capable providing security to all Afghans. Australia is meeting this commitment through on-budget support provided to the United Nations Development Programme-managed Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan.

Related initiatives

Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF)

$420.6 million, 2003-2017

The World Bank-administered ARTF is a multi-donor trust fund, through which donors contribute directly to the Afghan Government's National Priority Programs across sectors, including education, health, infrastructure, agriculture, rural development and public financial management, as well as supplement non-security operational funding, such as teachers' salaries and training for civil servants. The ARTF also comprises an Incentive Program, through which the Afghan Government's performance towards agreed economic and fiscal reform targets is assessed and rewarded.

Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan (LOTFA)

USD100 million, 2015-2020

Managed through the United Nations Development Programme, LOTFA assists the Afghan Government with expenditure management, building key infrastructure and training police officers. The DFAT-managed LOTFA contribution forms part of Australia's commitment to provide USD100 million annually over five years (2015-20) to help sustain the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces. The remaining USD80 million per year (USD320 million in total) is managed by the Department of Defence.

Strategic Advice to the National Unity Government

$1.5 million, 2014-2018

Through the Institute for State Effectiveness, Australia is helping to provide targeted strategic advice and technical assistance to the Afghan Government, including the Office of the President and Ministry of Finance, to progress its reform agenda, including on PFM and infrastructure.



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Last Updated: 9 May 2017