Education assistance in Bhutan


Australia’s support to Bhutan in the education sector focuses on developing Bhutan’s human resource capacity and strengthening its tertiary institutions. Australia Awards (scholarships for study in Australia) are Australia’s focus for development cooperation with Bhutan.

Australia’s support is helping to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Royal Institute of Management, the leading tertiary institution in Bhutan, through establishing post-graduate courses in public and business administration. These high quality courses will equip Bhutanese nationals to create the enabling environment and manage the commercial processes needed for sustainable economic development.

Support through Australia’s global development programs (World Food Programme – WFP) has helped to improve children's access to primary education, where the provision of meals at school has helped to increase enrolments. Australia has been a strong supporter of WFP’s school feeding programs, and has provided regular funding under the partnership. The Royal Government of Bhutan will take over management of the school feeding programs over the coming years.

Bhutan's Royal Institute of Management
Bhutan's Royal Institute of Management
Last Updated: 2 October 2014