Pacific Regional—climate change and resilience


  • Australia's Foreign Policy White Paper highlights the challenges of climate change, and recognises the priority we place on supporting our neighbours to build resilience.
  • Australia is committed to the Paris Agreement and helping Pacific island countries to meet this challenge.
  • That is why Australia committed to spend $300 million over four years (from 2016-17) on climate and disaster resilience support to the Pacific. This funding is part of Australia's commitment to spend at least $1 billion over five years on climate change in developing countries, announced at COP21 (Paris, 2015).
    We are working to integrate climate change and disaster considerations into all Australian aid investments across the Pacific in line with the Framework for Resilient Development in the Pacific.

Regional initiatives

The Australia Pacific Climate Partnership (APCP) ($75m, 2018-19 to 2021-22) brings together a suite of long running programs that connect high quality climate data with decision making for climate and disaster resilient development across the region. A particular focus is connecting this data with Australia's multi-sectoral sectoral aid programs in the Pacific.

APCP incorporates the following key sub programs:

  • Climate and Oceans Support Program in the Pacific, Phase 2 (COSPPac2) is a foundational information services sub-program, which continues Australia's long term support for 14 Pacific island Metrological Services to provide climate, ocean and sea level data and prediction services. Phase 2 has an increased focus on  disseminating this information to Pacific governments and communities to support climate informed planning and decision making.  
  • Climate Change Risk Governance will build on the Pacific Risk Resilience Program (PRRP), which works with Pacific partner governments, communities and the private sector to mainstream climate change and disaster risk management at national, sectoral and sub national levels.

Last Updated: 15 February 2019