MIKTA – Mexico, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Turkey, Australia

MIKTA is an innovative partnership that brings together Mexico, Indonesia, Republic of Korea (ROK), Turkey and Australia. The group works to bridge divides in the multilateral system and build consensus on complex and challenging issues, drawing on the diverse perspectives of its members and their shared interest in an effective, rules-based global order.

MIKTA is led by foreign ministers, who first came together at the inaugural MIKTA meeting in September 2013. Since then our exchanges have grown to encompass collaboration between academics, diplomats, journalists, parliamentarians, and experts in areas ranging from trade to international security, gender equality, governance and sustainable development.

MIKTA foreign ministers have agreed to meet two to three times a year. They last met on 21 May 2018 in Argentina, for the 12th MIKTA Foreign Ministers’ Meeting. Indonesia is the MIKTA Chair for 2018. Australia was MIKTA Chair in 2015-16.

Group photo of ministers. Photo caption below.
Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop (centre) with her MIKTA counterparts, Mr Ahmet Yildiz, Turkey, Ms Retno Marsudi, Indonesia, Mr Yun Byung-se, Republic of Korea, Mr Carlos de Icaza, Mexico. Sydney Opera House, 25 November 2016. Credit: DFAT/Will Perez Ronderos.


The MIKTA countries are significant economic powers and play pivotal strategic roles in our regions. MIKTA countries are the 11th, 13th, 15th, 16th and 17th largest economies in the world.

We share important fundamental values and interests, including a commitment to open economies, human rights and democracy, and it matters to us all that international governance structures effectively address the problems we face.

Working together, our consultative forum can play a constructive role internationally. MIKTA partners can draw on our diverse perspectives to develop and promote a better understanding of how different countries view major global challenges. In this way, our diversity will enable us to build consensus to advance the common interests of the international community.

MIKTA’s diversity means that we have an opportunity to build consensus across very different constituencies. Consultations with MIKTA partners allow us to have a much better understanding of the positions and perspectives of our different constituencies.

8th MIKTA Foreign Ministers Meeting, Sydney, 24-25 November 2016

8th MIKTA Foreign Ministers Meeting fact sheet [PDF]

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The official MIKTA website contains further information on recent events, exchange programs, joint statements, joint communiqués, press releases and other documents.

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Last Updated: 8 June 2018