Australia and the World Bank - achieving results

Australia's funding to the World Bank's International Development Association (IDA) and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)  over the last IDA replenishment cycle (2014-16) has supported:


  • Provided 11.4 million people/micro and small to medium enterprises with financial services;
  • Provided 3.01 million hectares with irrigation services;
  • Constructed or rehabilitated 90,500 km of road;
  • Improved agricultural technology adopted by 4.03 million farmers; and
  • Created generation capacity of 5,003 megawatts of conventional electricity and 2,486 megawatts of renewable energy.


  • Provided 23.5 million people with direct access to electricity;
  • Provided 310.8 million people with essential health nutrition and population services;
  • Provided 49.9 million people with access to improved water sources;
  • Provided 17.6 million people with access to improved sanitation facilities;
  • Provided 39.5 million beneficiaries with cover from social safety net programs;
  • Recruited or trained 9 million teachers; and
  • Conducted learning assessments on 17.9 million students.

Sustainability & resilience

  • Strengthened civil service and public administration systems in 29 countries;
  • Strengthened tax policy and administration systems in 29 countries;
  • Strengthened procurement systems in 16 countries;
  • Strengthened public financial management systems in 59 countries;
  • Employed special climate instruments to support emissions reductions of 44 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent annually;
  • Institutionalised disaster risk reduction as a national priority in 35 countries; and
  • Supported 59 countries to improve data quality and statistical capacity.

World Bank Corporate Scorecard

Last Updated: 9 February 2017