Cyber affairs

  • Training the next generation of international cyber law specialists in the Pacific

    Australia demonstrated its commitment to building international cyber law expertise in the Pacific by organising the second workshop on the application of international law in cyberspace in Nadi, Fiji.

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  • Highlighting the future of technology in Solomon Islands

    Over 100 ICT professionals from across Honiara took part in a forum and networking event on the future of technology in Solomon Islands.

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  • e-Governance in the Pacific: mapping a way forward

    Australia’s Cyber Cooperation Program is supporting governments in the Pacific to maximise opportunities offered by the digital age.

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  • Supporting online safety in the Pacific

    As connectivity grows across the Pacific so does the need to support newly connected communities to have a safe and secure experience online.

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Australia's international cyber engagement champions an open, free and secure cyberspace.

The International Cyber Engagement Strategy sets out Australia's ambitious cyber affairs agenda. The Strategy is global in perspective and regional in focus. It is founded on private sector partnerships and is backed up by a practical plan of action.

Dr Tobias Feakin is Australia's inaugural Ambassador for Cyber Affairs in charge of implementing the International Cyber Engagement Strategy. He leads Australia's whole‑of‑government international engagement to advance and protect Australia's national security, foreign policy, economic and trade, and development interests in the internet and in cyberspace.

Last Updated: 8 December 2017
Australia's International Cyber Engagement Strategy