Technology for Development Challenge

Australia Solomon Islands Technology for Development Challenge

Digital technologies are profound enablers of sustainable development and inclusive economic growth. The spread of the Internet and digital technologies has facilitated greater connectivity, reducing physical and functional barriers between people, businesses and governments. Australia is committed to working bilaterally, regionally and multi-laterally to bridge the digital divide across the Indo-Pacific. Australia is also committed to encouraging the use of digital technology to support sustainable and inclusive development. The Challenge complements support Australia is delivering to the Solomon Islands through the Coral Sea Cable System.

The Australia Solomon Islands Technology for Development Challenge was launched by the Ambassador for Cyber Affairs, Dr Tobias Feakin on 27 September 2018. Through the Challenge, we are seeking ideas on how we might better match the skills developed through the Solomon Island education and training system, and those required in the labour market and wider economy.

Challenge statement

How might we connect and support young people in the Solomon Islands to maximise their skills and education to access jobs across the country and internationally?

How will the idea become a reality?

Through the Challenge process, we are seeking ideas which address the Challenge Statement that can become sustainable technology driven solutions with cyber security and privacy inherent by design. Through a competitive process we will select the best ideas, with winners receiving a grant of up to $250,000 AUD, funded through Australia’s Cyber Cooperation Program. This grant can be used to access professional mentoring from technology, development and experts over the course of two years in order to develop a prototype, to trial this prototype in the Solomon Islands and support opportunities to develop a scalable business model, which can be pitched to potential investors.

What are the timeframes?

Ideas can be submitted from 27 September until the closing date of 10 December 2018 via the Technology for Development Challenge portal. Ideas will be shortlisted in February 2019. Short listed applicants will be invited to submit a detailed pitch on their idea in March 2019. Winner of the Challenge will be announced in April 2019.

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Last Updated: 6 March 2019