New Passport Application Forms

Media Release

1 October 2008

Media Release

From today, the Australian Passport Office will only accept the new passport applications forms which were introduced on 1 July 2008 to strengthen the identity management process that underpins the Australian passport issuing system.

The new forms better ensure the names included in replacement passports match those recorded on state and territory births, deaths and marriages registers or the Australian citizenship register.

The one-page pre-printed renewal form can be used in the majority of cases by Australians seeking to renew their current passport, or passport that has expired for not more than 12 months. The passport being replaced is required as supporting documentation when lodging a renewal form.

A full application form will need to be used by Australians that have never held a passport or by those who do not qualify for the renewal process. An Australian birth certificate or Australian citizenship certificate, along with other documentation listed on the form, will need to be presented to establish identity and citizenship.

All types of Passport application forms are available from or by calling 131 232. Full child or adult passport application forms are also available from most Australia Post outlets.

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