Services Exports Continue to Rise in 2006-07

Media Release

28 March 2008

Media Release

Australia’s services exports continued to grow strongly in the financial year to 30 June 2007, rising 10.5 per cent to $46.2 billion, a new report from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) shows.

Services imports increased 8.0 per cent to $44.4 billion over the year. This gave a positive annual balance of services trade of $1.9 billion, up from $771 million the previous year.

Travel services continued to dominate Australian services exports, rising 11.7 per cent to $25.3billion in 2006-07.

Most of the travel services exports consisted of personal travel services ($22.8 billion).

Educationservices, the travel component of which is included in personal travel services, grew 16.0 per cent to $11.7 billion, making the sector Australia’s third largest export.

The United States was Australia’s single largest export market ($5.7 billion) and import source ($8.0 billion). The United Kingdom and China were the next largest export destinations ($4.8 billion and $3.6 billion respectively)

The European Union (EU27) was Australia’s largest regional services market with exports of $8.6 billion and imports of $9.6 billion.

The information is contained in the publication Trade in Services, Australia 2006-07, published twice a year, on a calendar and financial year basis.

In addition to the detailed official statistics on Australia’s trade in services collected by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the publication presents information on international student enrolments, numbers of short-term visitor arrivals and departures, tourism expenditure and tourism purpose of journey information.

The main features and analysis from the publication are available on the department's website at Orders for the publication can also be placed at this website.

DFAT also offers a customised consultancy service, producing reports tailored to specific requirements. For further information please contact (02) 6261 3114, or fax (02) 6261 3321 or email

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