US Terrorist Attacks - Australian Involvement

Media Release

12 September 2001

Media release from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  • We estimate that approximately 15,000 Australians are living and working in Manhattan and the New York district.  Approximately 11,000 Australians are visiting the area at any one time.

  • DFAT's Consular Call Centre has expanded its staff to 30 people who are answering the hot line numbers 1800 002 214 and 1300 555 135 round the clock.

  • At this stage we are unable to account for approximately 50 Australians who may have been directly affected by the attacks.  These figures may change as we get more information.

  • By mid-afternoon Wednesday 12 September AEST, the Department's Call Centre had taken about 15,000 calls from people concerned about Australian friends and relatives in the US.  8,000 of these callers have chosen to register with us the details of their friends or relatives.

  • We are e-mailing the details of these Australians to our missions in New York and Washington and staff are checking their whereabouts.

  • DFAT consular officials are advising callers of any news of their loved ones as it comes to hand.

  • Australian missions in New York and Washington are liaising with local authorities to establish if any Australians are among the casualties.

  • To date we cannot confirm if there are any Australians among the injured and dead.

Last Updated: 19 September 2014