Leaving no woman behind - an Embassy wide approach to gender equality in Dili

8 March 2018

In support of the Australian Government’s push to make gender equality and women’s empowerment central to its work, DFAT staff in Dili, Timor-Leste are incorporating these commitments across their foreign policy and development work. 

Australia’s support has led to:

  • improved access to maternal health services for women through the rollout of a mobile-based midwife program
  • gender responsive budgeting reforms which will ensure women are benefitting from government programs
  • the introduction of a zero tolerance policy for discrimination and harassment on all our Roads for Development Program worksites
  • support for greater market access for women farmers through the establishment of female run ‘collection centres’ across the country.
Collage of photos of women using mobile phones.
Timorese women benefit from Australian aid.

Australia, through its Nabilan Program funded a Health and Life Experiences Study to comprehensively measure rates of violence against women and girls. Together with our partners, we will use the results of this study in future work to prevent violence and improve access to multi-sectoral services and justice for survivors.

Australia’s embassy in Dili also sponsored national televised political debates that featured women and gender equality issues. They funded a national public opinion poll about Timorese women’s perceptions toward public service priorities and delivery.

Gender equality requires a long-term, coordinated approach in order to achieve lasting change. The staff at the Australian Embassy in Dili recognises this and meet regularly to track progress, share ideas and advocate for women and girls to be central to all our efforts in Timor-Leste.

A smiling woman.
Liga Inan helps pregnant women and new mothers stay connected to their health providers.

Last Updated: 8 March 2018