Terror attacks

27 June 2015

The Government condemns the brutal attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait.
The thoughts of all Australians are with the families of the victims who lost their lives and the others injured in these barbaric acts of terror.
At this stage, we have no information that any Australians have been killed or injured.
Australia stands in solidarity with all those affected by these atrocities.
These attacks are yet another reminder that the terrorist threat is real.
They strengthen our resolve to combat the threat and the evil it represents.
Australia is committed to tackling the threat of global terrorism. We are making a strong contribution at home and working closely with our partners abroad.
Our security agencies are assessing the situation for any implications for us but there is no information to suggest a higher threat to Australia as a result of these latest atrocities.
Nevertheless, Australians should remain vigilant, and we urge people who see or hear something that they feel is not right to contact the National Security Hotline on 1800 123 400.
Media release: Terror attacks
Last Updated: 27 June 2015