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In 2018, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) offered 4031 Australia Awards scholarships, fellowships and short courses to individuals from over 60 developing countries at an estimated budget of $320 million.

The Australian Government's development policy Australian aid: promoting prosperity, reducing poverty, enhancing stability recognises that tertiary education is an important component of any investment in development. Find out more about Australia's development assistance for education

The Australia Awards Global Strategy: Investing in the next generation of global leaders for development 2016-18 outlines the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's investment in Australia Awards.

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Australia Awards are prestigious international scholarships and fellowships offering the next generation of global leaders an opportunity to undertake study, research and professional development in Australia and for high-achieving Australians to do the same overseas.

The Australia Awards are a whole-of-government initiative bringing together scholarships and fellowships administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Department of Education and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.

How do the Australia Awards contribute to Australia's foreign policy?

The Australian Government recognises that education develops skills and knowledge, builds enduring links, and has the power to influence positive change. Australia Awards strive to develop leadership potential and stimulate lasting change by empowering a global network of talented individuals through high-quality education experiences in Australia and overseas. They build an engaged and influential global network of leaders, advocates and change-makers and establish a network of ambassadors for Australia and its first-class education system across the world.

For more than 60 years, the Government has supported the education of emerging leaders from developing countries, first through the original Colombo Plan to today's Australia Awards. More recently, the Australian Government launched the New Colombo Plan, which supports Australian undergraduates to live, work and study in the Indo-Pacific. This two-way educational exchange helps to underpin Australia's bilateral relations with the region and the broader global community by building enduring institutional and people-to-people links.

DFAT-funded Australia Awards contribute to the long-term objectives of promoting growth and stability in our region, as well as strengthening links between people and organisations to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation. They equip recipients with the skills and knowledge to drive change and contribute to the economic and social development of their own countries, in effect, building the human resource capacity of partner countries within mutually agreed development sectors.

All recipients of Australia Awards become part of a worldwide Australia Global Alumni, connecting them to Australia and to each other – a network that includes more than 2.5 million international students who have studied in Australia.

For more information about the different Australia Awards available, see below.

Australia Awards Scholarships

More information on Australia Awards Scholarships

Australia Awards Scholarships provide opportunities for full-time undergraduate or postgraduate study at Australian institutions. They are awarded each year to citizens of participating countries from Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. Award recipients are required to return home for two years after they have completed their studies, so they can contribute to the development of their country.

Australia Awards Fellowships

More information on Australia Awards Fellowships

Australia Awards Fellowships offer Australian organisations, from all sectors, the opportunity to deepen and broaden their links with leaders and professionals in developing countries through high-quality training, exchange of expertise, skills and knowledge. They target current and future leaders and mid-career professionals who will be in a position to advance priority foreign affairs and development issues on their return home.    

Application rounds are held once a year and are open to Australian organisations with links to overseas counterpart organisations in eligible developing countries.

Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships

More information on Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships

Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships provide people from developing countries in the Pacific with opportunities to study at selected education institutions in the Pacific region. The purpose of the Scholarships is to give people the opportunity to gain and build the knowledge and skills to drive positive change and influence their home country's development.

Australia Awards–Endeavour Scholarships, Fellowships and Mobility Grants

More information on Australia Awards–Endeavour Mobility Grants

The Australian Government Department of Education and Training's Australia Awards–Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships and Australia Awards–Endeavour Mobility Grants support two-way engagement between Australia and the rest of the world.
Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships provide opportunities for citizens around the world to undertake study, research or professional development in Australia and for Australians to do the same overseas.

Endeavour Mobility Grants support Australian undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational education and training students to have an international study experience that contributes to their Australian qualification. Through short-term study and placements, students are able to immerse themselves into the academic and social cultures in all regions, strengthening their global knowledge and experience.

ACIAR Fellowships

More information on ACIAR Fellowships

The ACIAR (Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research) Fellowships Scheme provides the opportunity for partner country scientists involved in ACIAR-supported research projects to obtain postgraduate qualifications at Australian tertiary institutions.

The John Allwright Fellowship allows researchers working on an ACIAR project in a partner developing country to conduct postgraduate studies related to that project, at an Australian tertiary institution.

The John Dillon Memorial Fellowship provides career development opportunities for outstanding mid-career agricultural scientists or economists from ACIAR partner countries who are involved in a current or recently completed ACIAR project.

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