2002-3 Australia-China Council Australian Studies Competitive Projects Funding


Name Australian Studies Centre Affiliation Australian Host/ Participant Project ACC Funding
Ms Cai Hongxia (蔡紅霞) Beijing Foreign Studies University University of Melbourne Research for thesis on the Australian Greens and the Australian Environment Movement $5,000
Ms Chen Jie Shanghai University of Science and Technology University of Melbourne Research for thesis on George Nicholas and his contributions to Medical Science $5000
Prof To-hai Liou(劉德海) National Chengchi University ------------ "Australian Studies in Taiwan" Website $5,000
Prof Jou-jou Chu (朱柔若) National Sun Yat-Sen University Griffith University Research for report on Taiwanese Immigration in Brisbane - Social and Cultural Needs & Political and Community Participation $5,000
Ms Dai Yin-Feng (戴銀風) East China Normal University University of Queensland Research for thesis on G.E. Morrison and the 1911 Revolution in China $5,000
Fan Lin (樊琳)& Chen Feini (陳菲妮) East China Normal University La Trobe University Publication on Literary Criticism in Australia $5,000
Ms Guo Li (郭丽) Peking University University of Melbourne Research for thesis on Cultural Dialogue between Whites and Aborigines in the life writing of the "Stolen Generation" $5,000
Prof Han Feng (韓鋒) Chinese Academy of Social Sciences ---------- Research for workshop and paper on Australian Asian Policy after "9.11" and Anti-Terrorism in the Asia-Pacific Region $6,000
Mr Li Jianjun (李建军) Beijing Foreign Studies University ----------- Publication on Australia in Chinese Eyes? $4,500
Ms Li Ping (李平) Renmin University Deakin University Research for paper on Australian Women Writing on China in the 20thCentury $5,000
Liu Qiao, Luo Sha, Ma Lin, Liu Shanshan & Feng Caihong Beijing Foreign Studies University ----------- Paper on Australian NGOs in China $5,000
Ms Shen Hui (沈慧)& Wang Yiqing (王一卿) East China Normal University ---------- "ECNU-ACC Cup" English Speech Contest $4,000
Mr Peng Qinglong (彭青龍) Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade La Trobe University Research for thesis on Australia & its Identity - A Critical Study of the Works of Peter Carey $5,000
Ms Song Xiaorong (宋筱蓉) Anhui University University of Western Sydney Research for thesis on Monk-Australia's Ah Q: A Comparative Study between Luxun's The True Story of Ah Q and Jack Hibberd's A Stretch of Imagination. $4,500
Mr Sun Sizhong (孫思忠) Xiamen University Australian National University Research for thesis on Sino-Australian Economic and Trade Cooperation $5,500
Profs Wang Guo-fu(王国富), Wang Labao (王腊宝)& Yang Jincai Suzhou and Nankai Universities ------------ CASA Workshop on Australian Languages, Literature & Culture $6,000
Profs Xia Yuhe & Li Youwen (李又文) Beijing Foreign Studies University ----------- Translation and publication of Exploring Australia in China $10,000
Prof Ye Sheng-nian(叶胜年)& Wu Guo-bing Shanghai University of Science and Technology University of Melbourne Publication on Australian Agriculture and Medicine $5,000
Prof Yin Ru-Xiang (殷汝祥), Lin Li & Sheng Yu Nankai University -------------- Publication on China entry to the WTO and its impact on Sino-Australian Bilateral Trade $6,000
A/Prof Yang Biao --------------- Deakin University - Dr Stephen Alomes Research for paper on Comparative Studies of Australian and Chinese History Education $5,000
Last Updated: 5 November 2012