2003-04 Australia-China Council Australian Studies Competitive Projects Funding


Name Australian Studies Centre Affiliation Project ACC Funding
Huirong GAO East China Normal University Women in Leadership: A Cross-Cultural Comparison between Australian and China $5,000
SUN Ji Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences Book: The Experience of Economic Liberalism in Australia After World War Two $4,000
Jenny CHEN Ni Renmin University of China Australian Egalitarianism $5,000
Collaboration w. ZHENG Xiaoyuan (USST)
University of Shanghai for Science & Technology Curriculum development: Australian Science and Culture $3,000
LUO Sha Beijing Foreign Studies University Athlete Career and Education: Elite Sport in Modern Australian Society. $5,000
ZHANG Wei (Nanjing U) Hebei University Environmental Journalism: Australia, China and the World $5,000
LIANG Zhongxian (Mudanjiang) XU Kai (SH InstituteForeignTrade) ZHOU Xiaojin (SHIFT) East China Normal University Contemporary Australian Writers Publishing Project: Peter Carey, Tom Keneally, Alex Miller, Tim Winton, and Elizabeth Jolly $10,000
YE Sheng-nian University of Shanghai for Sciences and Technology Cultural Bridge Web Journal $3,000
Australian Studies Centre Renmin University of China Australian Culture Week $2,500
KONG Xiangping Xiamen University Development and Evolvement of Foreign Investment in Australia under the trend of Economic Globalisation $5,000
LIOU To-hai National Chengchi University Taiwanese Journal of Australian Studies $5,000
HAN Feng Chinese Academy of Social Sciences & Renmin University Seminar on the Prospect of Australia and Asia in the Process of Globalisation $4,000
HUANG Yejing
(Team Project)
Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Book: "The development of modernity in Australia and its implication for China" $5,000
CAI Hongxia Beijing Foreign Studies University The Australian Greens and Australian Environmental Movement $5,000
Brian WALLACE Red Gate Gallery - Beijing Australian Art Essays Translations $2,000
DAI Ning
Beijing Foreign Studies University Understanding Australia Website: Translation $6,600
YAN Jinlan (U Science and Tech)
East China Normal University Australia's responses and strategies to the SARS Epidemic, what China can Learn $5,000
XU Beibei East China Normal University Children's Literature in Australia. $5,000
Australian Studies Centre East China Normal University Shanghai University Campus Australian Drama Festival $3,000
LIU Yingshuang Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Research on Sino-Australia Policy on Agricultural Subsidies $1,000
ZHANG Qiusheng Xuzhou Normal University Immigration Policy and Education Exports $5,000
MA Lin Beijing Foreign Studies University Australian Foreign Policy towards Asia after the Asian Economic Crisis. $5,000
Last Updated: 5 November 2012