2007-08 Australia-China Council Australian Studies Competitive Projects Funding

澳中理事會 2007-08 澳洲研究競爭項目資助

Name(s) Institution(s) Project Title Funding Amount Approved
Li Jianjun Beijing Foreign Studies University Publication of "Australia Through the Eyes of the Chinese" $2,000
Yang Yongchun University of Shanghai for Science and Technology The Discourse Difference Between White Fiction and Aboriginal Fiction: A case study of white fiction, Capricornia, Coonardoo and Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith vs Aboriginal Fiction, My Place and Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence $2,000
Diana Tsai National Sun-Yat Sen University Global Competitiveness of Taiwanese, Chinese and Australian Enterprises: Decomposing Profitability,  Productivity, Dividends and the Linkage to Institutional Innovation $3,000
Jinling Shi
Wu Jia
Xuzhou Normal University Investigation of the Image of Australia in Chinese Universities and Colleges $3,000
Yang Jincai Nanjing University Orientalist Features in Brian Castro's Novels $3,000
Wang Liangcun Anhui University Modernism in Australian Short Fiction $4,000
Zhenjun Gan Xuzhou Normal University The Marine Rights and Interest of Australia and Sino-Australian Relations $4,000
Fanqi Zheng Xiamen University A Comparative Study of the Service Industries between Australia and China and their Optimized Cooperation $4,500
Feng Lei Xihua University A contrastive Study: Stylistic Analysis of My Place and Coonardoo $4,500
Bi Zhoupin Suzhou University Judith Wright's Poetics $5,000
Cai Yongji
Gao Huirong
East China Normal University Urban Studies in Australia and its Reflections Upon Chinese Issues $5,000
Fang Zimin
Wang Min
East China Normal University Joint Efforts in HIV/AIDS Prevention between Australia and China $5,000
Jiang Junyan
Liu Danni
East China Normal University Australian Fashion Today $5,000
Liu Pingping (Lily) University of Shanghai for Science and Technology Crucial Connections: Visiting the actual Australian landscapes of John Kinsella's famed pastoral trilogy to enable a connection between the texts of “The Silo”, “The Hunt” and “The New Arcadia” and contemporary Eco-critical theory to be made. Consequently to apply this research to preparing an application for a forthcoming PhD project at an Australian University such as ECU. $5,000
Liu Yinjing University of Shanghai for Science and Technology Research for Thesis on the Surviving Problems of Aboriginal People in a Post-colonial Society in the Novel Carpentaria and Capricornia $5,000
Meilian Xu Xiamen University Export Efficiency and Its Determinants: a Cross-country Comparison between Australia and China $5,000
Qiusheng Zhang Xuzhou Normal University Sister Province/City Relationship and Its Impact on Sino-Australia's Relations $5,000
Shen Jin Jing Beijing Foreign Studies University A Documentary Analysis of Australian Multicultural Policy under the Howard Government $5,000
Shu Yu Renmin University Formulation of Australian Image Overseas $5,000
Wang Guanglin
Zhou Xiaojin
Xu Kai
Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade A Comparative Study of Australian and American "Frontier" Literature $5,000
Wu  Baokang
Zhang Yan
Shanghai Customs College Alex Miller Study $5,000
Zhang Wei Shandong University W H Donald (1857 - 1946) and China $5,000
Zhang Xiuqing (Mamie) Inner Mongolia University Australian Fiction Writers of Wheat Lands and Pastoral Lands: a Research into Selected West Australian Authors and their Responses to Environments that bear Comparison with the Grasslands of Inner Mongolia $5,000
Total $100,000
Last Updated: 5 November 2012