Australia-China Fashion Connection

6 December 2017

Woman in red dress at the Forbidden City, Beijing
Lead image for TPFF 2017 International Runway
  • Sector: Arts and Culture
  • Country location: Australia, China
  • Grantee: Fashion Council WA Limited

Project summary

In 2017, the Fashion Council WA (FCWA) signed a five-year partnership agreement with China’s largest fashion organisation, the China Fashion Association (CFA). This partnership will create opportunities for Australian designers, brands and other creative industry professionals to showcase their talents on a global stage; gain valuable insights into how to connect with new audiences; gain exposure in the world's fastest growing consumer market; undertake exchange programs, which will build capability while identifying, and developing new areas of engagement.

The Australia-China Fashion Connection project will focus on nurturing emerging designers, brand awareness promotion, commercial and cultural success, and industry education between China and Australia. Two key fashion events the Perth Fashion Festival in September 2017 and the China Fashion Week provided opportunities for a two way exchange to showcase Australian and Chinese designers.

Key dates

Planned Activity Indicative date of activity Location Country

Perth Fashion Festival

September 2017



China Fashion Week

October 2017



Australia-China Council grant offer: $10,000.00 plus $1,000 GST

Total project value: $100,000.00

Last Updated: 1 August 2018