Chinese Medicine: Enhancing regulatory capacity and workforce mobility

Project summary

4 October 2016

Chinese Medicine Board of Australia members (left to right): Prof Craig Zimitat; Mr Roderick Martin; Ms Di Wen Lai; Prof Charlie Xue; Mr Ian Dummett; Ms Christine Berle; Dr David Graham. (Absent: Dr Liang Zhong Chen)

Sector: Education
Country location: Hong Kong, China
Grantee: Chinese Medicine Board of Australia, Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

Project Description

Australia is the first Western country to regulate the Chinese Medicine profession within a single national health professional regulatory framework. The Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (the Board) has established standards for registration of Chinese Medicine practitioners, accreditation standards for education and training, and processes to keep the public safe when accessing Chinese Medicine services from a practitioner.

Through dialogue with international health regulators in Asia, the Board aims to enhance its regulatory capacity by gaining a richer understanding of the successes and challenges in regulation of the Chinese Medicine workforce, of its relationship with Western medicine and how the profession is organised.

Strengthening engagement with these organisations in China will build a professional network that informs workforce planning and processes for accreditation of qualifications for the international Chinese Medicine workforce including any requirements for transition to practice in Australia. This project will also contribute to Australia's commitment to the China Australia Free Trade Agreement 2015.

Key dates:

  • State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Visit to discuss Chinese Medicine and Western medical workforce, and the key issues and challenges in regulation of Chinese Medicine workforce in Singapore., Beijing, China, 1 March 2017 onwards
  • Ministry of Health, Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong - This trip will help encourage the exchange of ideas and discussion about the regulation of the Chinese Medicine workforce, Hong Kong, 1 March 2017 onwards

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Australia-China Council grant offer: $20,000.00 plus $2,000 GST

Total project value: $40,000.00

Last Updated: 4 October 2016