Developing Ecotourism for Sustainable Australia-China Tourism Growth

6 December 2017

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Ecotourism Australia
  • Sector: Economic Diplomacy
  • Country location: Australia, China
  • Grantee: University of Sydney

Project summary

Australia is the world leader in the preservation of natural, historical and cultural sites and there is significant potential for bilateral collaboration with China in this sector. The Developing Ecotourism for Sustainable Australia-China Tourism Growth project aims to enhance bilateral collaboration in environmental education and sustainable environmental innovation, particularly a new business area known as ecotourism.

The project will develop and disseminate bilingual environmental resources to promote ecotourism in Hong Kong, Beijing and Adelaide. These tools will be used to create greater environmental awareness among the general population, promote tourism between the two countries and advocate for more sustainable tourism policies and practices.

Key dates

Planned activity Expected start date City or region

An EcoGuide education workshop in Hong Kong in association with Ecotourism Australia and Infinity Travel Ltd (Hong Kong)

September 2017

Hong Kong

Organisation of an EcoGuide education workshop in Adelaide in association with Ecotourism Australia. The participants: such as South Australian Tourism Commission, Department of Water, Environment, Natural Resources, South Australia Tourism Industry Council.

Nov 2017


Keynote presentation at Global Eco Conference (One main participant from Infinity Travel makes presentation to encourage the connection between Australia and Chinese market)

Nov 2017


University of Sydney researcher to visit Tourism Research Centre in China to develop translation resources and collaboration.

late 2017 or early 2018


Australia-China Council grant offer: $30,000.00 plus $3,000 GST ,

Total project value: $30,000.00

Last Updated: 1 August 2018