Eco-urban food security: Designing vertical food production

Project summary

4 October 2016

High Rise Hong Kong as a Green Farm (Credit: Gretchen Wilkins)

Sector: Economic Diplomacy, Trade, Business
Country location: Hong Kong, Australia, China, Macau
Grantee: RMIT University

Project Description

Imagine our fresh food being produced in skyscrapers, right in the cities we live in. Many see this as only a fantasy, others as a technical necessity. What would make it viable? New techniques in agriculture, or the cost of producing food far from where we live? How would this change the city, and what kind of architecture is best suited to this? This is a design problem for cities and for high rise towers. Hong Kong is a city well suited to new ideas in high rise and super-dense environments; a place experimenting with vertical living for decades.

Australia as a major exporter of high quality fresh produce is well suited to innovation in agriculture.  The FARMHD project will gather experts and designers to speculate on these questions, and to propose new ideas. We will meet in October in Hong Kong and commence a series of workshops looking at this design question from different angles. In April next year, we will hold a symposium and exhibition in Hong Kong and Melbourne, presenting the design discoveries for discussion.  The FARM HIGH DENSITY project aims to continue and deepen the conversation about farms in our future cities.

Key dates:

  • Opening workshop. meet with key project partners, Hong Kong, 4 October 2016 to 6 October 2016
  • FarmHD Symposium and exhibtion, Hong Kong; Melbourne, 4 April 2017 to 14 October 2016

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Australia-China Council grant offer: $12,500.00 plus $1,250 GST

Total project value: $136,000.00

Last Updated: 4 October 2016