Queensland Youth Symphony Tour Concerts in Macau, Shenzhen, Hong Kong

6 December 2017

Large orchestra on stage
Friday 5 August 2016, Qld Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) Concert Hall - Final Concert of "The Prodigy Collective", an international festival of youth orchestras organised by QPAC and QYO, Qld Youth Symphony on stage with all 5 conductors, including the Macau Youth Symphony Orchestra's conductor, Lio Kuokman
  • Sector: Art and Culture
  • Country location: Australia, China
  • Grantee: Queensland Youth Orchestra

Project summary

The 95-member Queensland Youth Symphony is planning to perform 3 concerts in Macau, Shenzhen and Hong Kong between Tuesday 28 November and Sunday 3 December 2017. The concerts are part of the orchestra's 13th international tour since 1972 and will represent the orchestra's first ever performances in Macao and Shenzhen.

The orchestra will collaborate with local young musicians during the tour including the Macao Youth Symphony Orchestra, as well as youth orchestras in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. These collaborations will include joint rehearsals and shared performances.

Key dates

Activity or event Location Expected start date

Orchestral Concert and Rehearsal



Orchestral Concert and Rehearsal

Hong Kong


Orchestral Concert and Rehearsal



Australia-China Council grant offer: $30,000 plus $3000 GST

Total project value: $270,000.00

Last Updated: 1 August 2018