Understanding the environmental risk information needs of Chinese tourists

6 December 2017

Three people with a city skyline behind them
The Research team in China: Prof. Peng Bi, Dr Scott Hanson-Easey and Dr Alana Hansen (2016)
  • Sector: Economic Diplomacy
  • Country location: Australia, China
  • Grantee: University of Adelaide

Project summary

The Understanding the environmental risk information needs of Chinese tourists project will explore key environmental knowledge requirements of Chinese tourists visiting Australia, and develop a Strategic Plan, enhancing the safety of tourists in potentially hazardous natural contexts i.e. where extreme weather events, bushfire or floods pose risk to safety.

This project will inform new risk communication interventions and strategies targeting Chinese tourists and employ a focus group methodology, engaging pre-departure and current tourists conducted in China (Jinan) and Adelaide, South Australia. Focus groups will examine participants’ perception and understanding of environmental hazards, such as extreme weather and traveling through high-risk bushfire areas during certain times of the year.

Key dates

Activity or event


Expected start date

Chinese stakeholder workshop

Jinan, Shandong Provence, China


Australian stakeholder workshop

Adelaide, South Australia


Australia-China Council grant offer: $30,000 plus $3000 GST

Total project value: $49,000.00

Last Updated: 1 August 2018