Physical literacy – a foundation for sporting excellence in India (128AIC grants 2016)

3 November 2016

Sector: Sport
Country location: India
Grantee: Victoria University


Victoria University: ISEAL: Institute of sport, exercise and active living

Project Description

Improving 'physical literacy' in school-aged children is a key priority in India. 

The 2017 Mumbai Marathon is an ideal platform to collect data that will provide valuable insights on how physical literacy is developed in India. By surveying a cohort of physically literate marathon runners, patterns will be identified in sport engagement. This data will clarify the role of facilitators, and identify barriers to physical education, sport, and participation in physical activity. The study will also investigate what it takes to adopt a healthy lifestyle and the role of gender in facilitating engagement in sport and physical activity.

The findings from this study will be evaluated and compared with physical literacy development in Australia and other leading sport nations. In turn, this knowledge will be used to inform the development of new physical literacy programs and initiatives tailored for the Indian market.

Key dates

  • Project execution at Mumbai Marathon - Mumbai, 15 January 2017
  • VU Workshop/ Project Launch - Mumbai, 26 November 2016 to 27 November 2016

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Australia-India Council grant offer: $45,450.00

Total project value: $91,750.00

Last Updated: 3 November 2016