Capacity-building and knowledge-sharing in citizen journalism enterprise

29 August 2017

Project description

Deakin's project aims to build capacity and share knowledge in citizen journalism enterprises including community radio stations.  It will implement parallel initiatives in India and Australia, where citizen journalists and students receive media production and training to report on significant socio-economic issues.  The project will use new media technologies to bolster participants’ knowledge of relevant issues and reporting skills, while showcasing pioneering efforts in each country in community broadcasting.  Ideas exchange, workshops and reciprocal visits will enhance community media leaders’ capacity to assist citizen journalists and students to participate in low-cost effective communication campaigns.

Key dates

  • Jan-Sep 2018 – Eight media workshops in Bangalore, Faridabad, Melbourne and Geelong
  • March 2018 – Visit to India by Australian community media participants, Bangalore and Faridabad, India
  • Sep 2018 – Visit to Australia by Indian community media participants, Melbourne and Geelong

Social media

Last Updated: 5 October 2017
Photo of someone taking notes
Cross-border collaboration and knowledge-sharing between media practitioners and scholars in Australia and India. Credit: Deakin University