Construction Waste Reduction: Australia-India collaborative workshops

Project Summary

22 August 2018

Pile of mixed waste on a construction site
Pile of mixed waste on a construction site. Credit: Deepika Mathur

Organisation: Charles Darwin University

Sector: Science, Technology and Innovation

AIC Priority Area: Leveraging major events

Project description

Researchers from Charles Darwin University and the University of Melbourne are collaborating with The Energy and Resources Institute, India to host workshops in New Delhi and Darwin on efficient construction waste management. Internationally, construction and demolition waste (CDW) can constitute up to 40 per cent of total waste generated. Diverting CDW from landfill is critical for Australia and India with existing landfills rapidly being exhausted and fewer viable options for waste offshoring. This project aims to increase cooperation and long term bilateral strategic partnerships between the two countries through collaborative workshops where researchers, decision makers and industry work together for improved knowledge and mutual understanding of critical CDW management issues. Stakeholders come together to work collaboratively, learn from each other’s experiences and set up long term knowledge/technology exchange partnerships between experts in both countries on crucial CDW management issues.

Key dates

  • 9 January 2019 – a 3 day workshop in India, New Delhi
  • 23 April 2019 – a 2 day workshop in Australia, Darwin

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