Develop 3Dprinting, Bioprinting and AI medical applications between India-Australia

AUS INNOVEX1 AMTZ Vizak May 2019. Credit: University of Sydney.

Organisation: University of Sydney

Sector: Health

AIC Priority Area: Lifting outcomes in India Economic Strategy sector

Project description

3D printing involves layer by layer printing of a solid structure. Bioprinting involves 3D printing with living stem cells. Significant progress in Australia has seen early commercialisation of this research. With the incidence of some diseases that Bioprinting can treat, being more common in India than Australia, it is imperative that early bilateral partnerships are formed for faster translation of this to India. Microtia, a congenital abnormality of the ear, is one such disease, far more prevalent in India . Our team's research in this area has significantly advanced progressing to animal research phase. Advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques will accelerate Bio-printing.  This project in microtia will establish firm bilateral collaborative research relationships allowing faster translation of other Australian bioprinting projects into India such as arthritis, blindness, burns and diabetes. This project capitalises on health technology as a key priority area of the India economic Strategy.

Key dates

  • 8 September 2019 – Workshop, Chennai
  • 10 July 2019 – MOU Signing, Visag
  • 31 January 2020 – Workshop, AMTZ

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Last Updated: 12 August 2019