Young Indians' Plan for the Planet Program

Sustainable education is the most important investment we can make ... 'because there is no Planet B' Ban Ki-moon. Credit: Young Persons' Plan for the Planet Program.

Organisation: The Australian National University

Sector: Education

AIC Priority Area: Building connections through an educational or community setting

Project description

The YPPP Program aims to engage, connect and empower young students to develop a strategic plan to implement the United Nations SDGs in India through an extracurricular school program that leverages the SDGs, STEAM, strategic planning and global competency skills to develop local, regional and national sustainable development solutions for India, the Indian subcontinent and internationally. 

The Program will enable young Indians to know more about sustainable development, and how their territory is concerned with the SDGs. It will also allow building exchanges and mutual understanding between Australian students and Indian students including two conferences Melbourne Teacher Training and Singapore Student YPPP Collaboration as well as day to day mentoring and interaction. 

Indian students will better understand sustainability in Australia, allowing students to understand challenges around universality versus local adaptation. This will build multicultural understanding and confront diverse perspectives on the uses of science and technology for development priorities.

Key dates

  • 4 December 2019 – YPPP It's our future Earth Conference 3.0', Singapore
  • 23 August 2019 – STEAM Conference, Kolbe College, Victoria

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Last Updated: 20 September 2019