Adelaide Film Festival 2018: Indonesian Showcase

Project Summary

3 September 2018

  • Sector: Arts and Culture
  • Country location: Australia
  • Grantee: Adelaide Film Festival

Project description

The work of two internationally acclaimed Indonesian filmmakers will be showcased at the Adelaide Film Festival 2018, to deepen understanding of Indonesian culture, history and contemporary issues through film.
Filmmakers, Kamila Andini and Garin Nugroho will present their most recent films, The Seen and Unseen and Memories of My Body, respectively. Both films will be presented twice in the official International Feature Film Competition. It will be the first time Memories of My Body is screened in Australia, direct from its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival. The Seen and Unseen has won numerous awards and nominations including the Asia Pacific Screen Awards Best Youth Feature Film award and Jogya-NETPAC Asian Film Festival Golden Hanoman Award.  Both films are fine examples of contemporary Indonesian art and provide a point of access for audiences to engage with and understand Indonesian culture more deeply. As part of the project, Ms Andini and Mr Nugroho will also have the opportunity to engage with local audiences, media and industry. Session times and tickets available at from Wednesday 12 September 2018.

Key dates

Adelaide Film Festival, GU Filmhouse Cinemas, 128 Hindley St, Adelaide, 10 October 1918 to 21 October 1918

Festival Launch GP, GU Filmhouse Cinemas, 128 Hindley St, Adelaide, 12 September 1918 to 12 September 1918

Festival Launch, GU Filmhouse Cinemas, 128 Hindley St, Adelaide, 12 September 1918 to 12 September 1918

  • Australia-Indonesia Institute grant offer: $6,000.00 GST in addition
  • Total project value: $15,000
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Last Updated: 3 September 2018
Photo of 5 peoples faces on a poster.
Adelaide Film Festival Key Art Poster. Photo credit: Adelaide Film Festival