Contemporary Worlds: Indonesia

Project Summary

3 September 2018

  • Sector: Arts and Culture
  • Country location: Australia
  • Grantee: National Gallery of Australia
Solo performer posing for photo on a cliff with ocean in background.
Mella Jaarsma The landscaper 2013, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Purchased 2018, wood, paint, iron, leather; single-channel video: 3:40 minutes, colour, sound. Photo credit: Mie Cornoedus.

Project description

Contemporary Worlds: Indonesia is the most ambitious exhibition of contemporary Indonesian art ever presented in Australia. Thirty leading and emerging Indonesian artists will participate, many of whom will be commissioned to create new works of art. This major exhibition will be accompanied by a series of special events including artist talks and a film program.

Key dates

Exhibition dates, Canberra, 21 June 2019 to 27 October 2019

Exhibition opening, Canberra, 20 June 2019 to 20 June 2019

Artists' talks, Canberra, 20 August 2019 to 27 October 2019

Symposium, Canberra, 22 June 2019 to 22 June 2019

  • Australia-Indonesia Institute grant offer: $30,000.00 GST in addition
  • Total project value: $2,614,370
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Last Updated: 3 September 2018