National Australia Indonesia Language Awards (NAILA)

Project Summary

3 September 2018

  • Sector: Education
  • Country location: Australia, Indonesia
  • Grantee: Australia Indonesia Youth Association
Poster that reads 'Applications are now open NAILA 2018! This years theme is Diversity.'
Infographic advertising the NAILA 2018 competition. Photo credit: Nurfitra Asa, NAILA Creative Director.

Project description

The National Australia Indonesia Language Awards (NAILA) is an annual competition that rewards and fosters the development of Indonesian language learning in Australia at all levels. Primary school students through to executive level speakers are invited to participate in the competition that culminates with a national awards ceremony and networking program. Participants have the opportunity to showcase their language skills, discuss bilateral issues and share traditional arts, culture and musical performances with the public. NAILA’s mission is to encourage language learning and reward high-level proficiency. This in turn supports deeper communication, respect, and understanding between the two nations.

Key dates

NAILA 2018 Awards Ceremony, Melbourne, 12 October 2018 to 12 October 2018

NAILA 2018 Awards Weekend, Melbourne, 12 October 2018 to 14 October 2018

  • Australia-Indonesia Institute grant offer: $15,000.00 No GST
  • Total project value: $208,500
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Last Updated: 3 September 2018