Recovery-oriented mental health collaborations between Puskesmas and specialist care, Magelang

Project Summary

3 September 2018

  • Sector: Health
  • Country location: Australia, Indonesia
  • Grantee: St. Vincent's
Map of south east asian, zoom in on Indonesia.
Geographic map showing where the training will take place. Photo credit: Dr. Santi Yuliani, PSJS Hospital.

Project description

A partnership between St. Vincent’s and Professor Dr. Soerojo hospitals, this project will pilot a new training approach, co-facilitated and contextualised, to increase primary sector engagement and improve treatment options in mental health service in Indonesia. The project will include a series of workshops and training programs utilising bilingual training materials and health promotion resources by trainers from both hospitals.  St. Vincent’s Optimal Health Program will be explored as a structure, with evidence based tools and approaches demonstrated to build health literacy and improve personal outcomes for people experiencing mental illness. The overall goal of building primary and specialist care partnerships is to ensure a stronger and more empowered community.

St. Vincent’s and Professor Dr. Soerojo hospitals have partnered since 2016 to collaborate on training programs for human resources and skills in specialist mental health services.  Their shared interest is the engagement of primary care health providers to improve access to care and reduce stigma of mental health services.

Key dates

Training workshop, Magelang, 19 October 2018 to 20 October 2018

Cultural adaptation workshop, Magelang, 21 October 2018 to 21 October 2018

Key stakeholders planning meeting, Melbourne October 2017

  • Australia-Indonesia Institute grant offer: $25,000.00 GST in addition
  • Total project value: $55,000
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Last Updated: 3 September 2018