Sports Diplomacy Through AFL NINES

21 November 2017

  • Sector: Sport
  • Country location: Indonesia
  • Grantee: Mr Rory Brown
Alexander holding up a child while the child catches a football.
Alexander Horton during the development phase of our AFL 9's pilot in Tanah Beru, South Sulawesi, January 2017 (Credit: Ms Abbie Boyde)

Project description

This program will take a bottom-up approach through providing the organisational capacity to create a sustainable AFL NINES program within the community and promote women's inclusion in sport. 

The project will work alongside the local community to establish an independent AFL NINES program. It will pursue a range of options including eliciting the support of established AFL clubs in Indonesia, attempting to institutionalise the teaching of AFL NINES within a local high-school curriculum and through established youth groups.  AFL encourages an active lifestyle, develops skills including leadership teamwork, self-confidence, respect, tolerance, resilience, health and wellbeing and improves academic achievement.

This project will provide Indonesian and Australian students with an opportunity to share knowledge and culture through the immersion in this program, even those who have not have the opportunity to experience AFL before.

Key dates

Via Sport Bali launch 08/01/2018, Pesta Rakyat – A sports festival organised by Australian participants, Denpasar, Bali, 25/01/2018, Local AFL NINES Competition, Denpasar, Bali, 15/02/2018.

  • Australia-Indonesia Institute grant offer: $20,000 (No GST included)
  • Total project value: $25,000
  • Contact Person: Mr. Rory Brown, Principal Applicant:
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Last Updated: 21 November 2017