Australian Studies Program


The aims of the ASP are to:

  • strengthen the bilateral relationship by building understanding and appreciation of Australia in Indonesia;
  • increase understandings in Indonesia of Australian life, culture, communities and attitudes;
  • strengthen Australian studies as a field of scholarship in Indonesia; and
  • facilitate development of a critical mass of persons skilled in Australian studies in Indonesia.

The ASP is intended to be broad-based and interdisciplinary, covering initially literature, history and visual arts in particular but extending also to other fields of scholarship such as politics, social sciences, anthropology, economics, law and engineering. The common theme in applying these disciplines is to increase understanding of Australian society and culture, as well as Australian institutions and values.

The ASP places particular emphasis on:

  • awareness of the diversity of Australian communities and ethnicities;
  • developing knowledge of Australian historical experiences; and
  • understanding Australia's position in the world and in relation tits neighbours in the region.

Applications - General

Applications should be submitted on the general project funding application form.

The AII will consider funding those high-quality projects where it can play a seeding rather than full funding role and where the Institute is not the sole source of funding. The AII prefers smaller projects (up to $A5,000), given the limited amount of funds available to grants but will, on occasion, consider very well-researched and high quality larger, institution-based proposals.

Applicants are expected to demonstrate that their proposals have the ability to either strengthen an existing Australian Studies program or will help lay the foundations for the development of a new program in the future.

Curriculum and Course development

Assistance is generally in the form of technical advisors from Australia, or visits by Indonesians to Australian studies programs in Australia.

Library and On-Line Resources

In January 2007, the Board of the Australia-Indonesia agreed to support a pilot project “Australian Snapshot” which will identify Indonesian tertiary institutions which have an Australian Studies Program and provide those institutions with a range of Australian texts. Consideration has also been given to the provision of an on-line resource. This project will be managed by the Embassy in Jakarta and the results of the project will be reviewed by the Board on an annual basis to ensure that the assistance is appropriate and being utilised effectively.

Funding for Institutions

Assistance provided to Indonesian universities with an existing Australian Studies Program or partial seed funding to additional regional Centres, where an interest in Australian Studies is identified. Centres that develop partnerships with business will be regarded as priorities for assistance.

Last Updated: 7 November 2012