Publication Award - Australian Indigenous People and Performance

1 September 2016

Sector: Publication Award

Country location: Japan

Grantee: Professor Keiji Sawada

Street view of building: Yirra Yaakin Theatre
Yirra Yaakin, an Australian Indigenous theatre company in Perth (Credit: Keiji Sawada)

Project Description

Australian Indigenous People and Performance

This is arguably the first academic book to introduce contemporary Australian Indigenous plays and films to Japanese readers. It discusses a wide range of subjects such as the history of Indigenous theatre and film in Australia, latest important works, Indigenous artists and performers, and Japan’s reception to Indigenous plays through translations.

The aim of the book is to explore what, how and why Indigenous Australians have represented themselves through theatre and film through a variety of subjects such as past colonisation, discrimination in society, endangered languages, traditional culture, land rights, the future of communities, the threat of radioactivity, and wars. Their acting, singing, dancing, and story-telling celebrate contemporary Indigenous culture while often conveying significant political messages. By investigating these representations, the book seeks to clarify Indigenous Australians’ strategies for surviving and their relations to the nation-state and global society.

Key dates

Symposia inviting the author as a guest speaker at the English Literary Society of Japan, Shizuoka University, 28 May 2017

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Australia-Japan Foundation Publication Award amount: $10,000.00

Total project value: $18,474.00

Last Updated: 16 August 2016