SPECTRA- Japan Tour

1 September 2016

Dancenorth Townsville, 2015. Credit: Ash McLellan

Sector: Society and Culture

Country location: Australia, Japan


Project Description

Spectra draws together a melting pot of visionary artists from Australia and Japan in an artistic collaboration that spans continents and cultures. Blending contemporary dance, butoh, live music and visual art, Spectra explores the phenomenology of dependent origination: the secret of the universe lies in the way one thing leads to another. It examines how all things that come into being- whether it be human life, a thought or a galaxy - depend on an endless chain of preceding causes and conditions.

Co-commissioned by the OzAsia Festival, Spectra is produced and performed by Dancenorth and features guest performers from Batik Dance Company in Tokyo and the visual design of internationally renowned artist Tatsuo Miyajima. Directed by Dancenorth's Kyle Page and Amber Haines.

Key dates:

  • Dancenorth Reception, KAAT, Yokohama, 01 October 2016
  • Performance 1, KAAT, Yokohama, 01 October 2016
  • Performance 2, KAAT, Yokohama, 02 October 2016

Social media: http://www.kaat.jp/english/, http://www.dancenorth.com.au/currentworks/, https://www.facebook.com/dancenorthAUS/

Australia-Japan Foundation grant offer: $20,000.00 with GST in addition

Total project value: $74,565.00

Last Updated: 16 August 2016