Australia-Japan Landcare Reconstruction Initiative - by conference, connection, communication and collaboration

14 September 2017

Sector: Reconstruction

Country location: Japan

Grantee: Australian Landcare International

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Is the drought breaking? April 2016. The sketch depicts a 16 hectare tree plantation established in 2013 on uneconomic farmland near St Arnaud, south east Wimmera, Victoria using funds from Aoyama, Japan's largest suit manufacturer, which is building a reputation for sustainability and climate-change awareness. Indeed, the drought did break, and the trees took full advantage of abundant rains throughout the rest of the year. Credit: Rob Youl

Project description

A world-first international conference on Landcare research from 5-8 November 2017 at Nagoya will precede workshops around Fukushima, involving Australian and Japanese Landcare co-ordinators, scientists and landowners examining practical ways to improve post-disaster recovery and encourage younger people into farming.

This is the first world gathering of land-care academics and practitioners to discuss the theories, practice and pragmatics of the 'land-care field' and the role of land-care, localism, self-reliance, sustainability, rural and regional resilience and post-emergency and disaster recovery, for application globally.

The conference is being organised by Nanzan University Institute for Social Ethics, and co-hosted by Australian Landcare International (ALI) and managed by the Secretariat of the International Conference of Landcare Studies 2017 (Conference Organising Team). 


Key dates: International Conference of Landcare Studies – Global Resilience through Self-Reliance, Nagoya, Japan, 05 to 08 November 2017

Social media: Facebook: Australian Landcare International

Australia-Japan Foundation grant offer: $23,000.00 with no GST in addition

Total project value: $90,000.00

Last Updated: 14 September 2017