Children's International Conservation Collaboration

14 September 2017

Sector: Society and Culture

Country location: Australia, Japan

Grantee: Capital Woodlands and Wetlands Conservation Association Inc

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ACT Young Rangers weighing and banding Latham's Snipe with Wild Bird Society of Japan researcher Tatsuya Ura. Credit: Lori Gould

Project description

The Children's International Conservation Collaboration will enable young people from the ACT Young Ranger's Club, based at Jerrabomberra Wetlands in Canberra, to learn more about the significant migratory bird, the Latham's Snipe which frequents the Jerrabomberra Wetlands.

The Young Rangers have been monitoring and studying these birds as part of a large collaborative project involving the Woodlands and Wetlands Trust, Federation University, the Wild Bird Society of Japan, Canberra Ornithologists Group, the ACT Government, and South Beach Wetlands and Landcare Group in Port Fairy, Victoria.

The Latham's Snipe is a cryptic and little understood shorebird that migrates from Japan to Australia and back each year.  The Snipe population is declining in Japan and the primary cause is thought to be habitat loss so information is urgently required to enable management of habitat for conservation.  Activities that the children will carry out includes capture of Snipe, fitting of geo-locators and radio-tracking in Canberra, and surveys and personal exchange with researchers and fellow students in Japan.

Funding for this project introduce a new generation of young Australian rangers to Japan as well as increase awareness and understanding in Japan of shared interests with Australia as a strategic and economic partner and recognition of Australian excellence and expertise.


Key dates:

  • Project Announcement, Canberra, August 2017
  • Journal Article on Snipe project including AJF grant, Canberra Bird Notes, 05 December 2017 to 17 August 2017
  • Presentations, Canberra, 07 September 2017
  • Snipe Surveys, Hokkaido, 10 to 30 May 2018
  • School visits, Hokkaido (Sapporo), 10 to 30 May 2018
  • Community bird surveys and community engagement activities, Hokkaido, 10 May 2018 to 30 August 2017
  • Snipe capture and monitoring, Canberra, 02 October 2017 to 28 February 2018
  • Snipe Surveys, Canberra and Port Fairy, 01 September 2017 to 28 February 2018

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Australia-Japan Foundation grant offer: $22,000.00 (GST inclusive)

Total project value: $22,000.00 (GST inclusive)

Last Updated: 14 September 2017