Targeting neurodegenerative disease among the ageing in Australia and Japan

14 September 2017

Sector: Scientific Innovation

Country location: Australia, Japan

Grantee: Dr Lyndsey Collins-Praino

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Neurodegenerative disease in Australia and Japan: Working together today to build a stronger, healthier older adult population tomorrow. Credit: Dr Lyndsey Collins-Praino

Project description

Australia and Japan currently rank in the top five worldwide for life expectancy.  As the population of both countries ages, the incidence of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, will rise drastically.

As an area of increasing mutual concern, this project will bring together Australian and Japanese experts in neurodegenerative disease to address this growing problem.  Over the course of the project, these scientists will:

  1. conduct collaborative research on neurodegenerative disease, consisting of lab visits and seminar presentations at the University of Adelaide and Nagoya University;
  2. host a bi-national conference in Adelaide, bringing together leading Australian and Japanese experts in the field; and
  3. hold a lecture series designed to educate the public about potential ways to prevent/slow neurodegenerative disease.

This project will directly help to promote mutual recognition of Australian and Japanese excellence and expertise in the area of neurodegenerative disease.  Through this collaboration, this project will also help bring better insight into how to halt the “silver tsunami.”


Key dates:

  • School seminar, Adelaide, 06 to 13 November 2017
  • School seminar, Nagoya, 05 to 12 February 2018
  • Public lecture, 30 April 2018
  • Conference, Adelaide, 01 to 03 May 2018
  • Public lecture, 02 July 2018

Social media: @lyndseypraino Twitter

Australia-Japan Foundation grant offer: $22,000.00 (GST inclusive)

Total project value: $22,000.00 (GST inclusive)

Last Updated: 14 September 2017