Advancing Australia-Japan Knowledge Exchanges on Excellence and Innovation

Project Summary

28 August 2018

Sector: Science, Technology and Innovation

Country location: Australia, Japan

Grantee: The University of South Australia

robot in thinking position, between map of Australian and Japan
Advancing Australia-Japan Knowledge Exchanges on Excellence and Innovation. Credit: Image owned by HEUC via iStock purchase and Canva design elements.

Project description

High-profile public lectures by prominent Australian and Japanese visiting researchers, will bring together for the first time academics, policy-makers, industry representatives, the business community, civil society and the wider public to address the challenges of innovation in a globalising age in both Japan and Australia. In Japan lectures will be coordinated with partner institution Keio University and are likely to be held at the Australian Embassy, Tokyo. In Australia lectures will be coordinated by the University of South Australia and held in the Bradley Forum. Engagement will be on specific themes of innovation, from new digital technologies and AI to creative industries, workplace change and social media. In addition networking events held in conjunction with the public lectures will provide person-to-person platforms to help facilitate world leading research collaborations on innovation among researchers, research teams and research centres in Australia and Japan. The project will deepen mutual understandings of the ways Japanese and Australian cultures of innovation coincide in important ways in the face of global transformations, and how they diverge.

Key dates:

  • Public Lecture and Networking Event, Professor Anthony Elliott, Dean of External Engagement and Research Professor of Sociology, University of South Australia, and Global Professor (Visiting), Keio University, Tokyo, 19/04/2019 to 24/04/2019
  • Visiting Fellow and Lecture, Adelaide, 19/08/2019 to 24/08/2019
  • Public Lecture and Networking Event, Professor Susan Luckman, School of Creative Industries, Research Director, Creative Work Mobilities Research Node, Hawke EU Centre and Cheney Fellow at the University of Leeds, 2017-2018., Tokyo, 20/04/2020
  • Visiting Fellow and Lecture, Adelaide, 20/08/2020 to 27/08/2020

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Australia-Japan Foundation grant offer: $15,000

Last Updated: 16 August 2018