Beyond industry 4.0: digital fabrication and design in timber

28 August 2018

Sector: Creative Industries, including fashion, design, architecture

Country location: Australia, Japan

Grantee: University of New South Wales

Two people cutting timber
Students working in UNSW's Design Futures Laboratory (Credit: Hank Haeusler)

Project description

Future cities will integrate increasing levels of digital infrastructure and technologies. They will however, be built using a mix of both new materials and sustainable traditional materials such as timber. The blending of traditional materials with emerging technologies and global supply chains, is therefore a necessity for future sustainable cities in Australia and Japan. UNSW and Kyushu University will host a series of events to facilitate the integration of traditional crafts and construction knowledge with new cutting edge collaborative digital fabrication technologies. The events will bring leading experts in digital fabrication and manufacturing from Japan and Australia together with master practitioners of architectural and timber crafts for knowledge exchange, networking and project development.

This project addresses the challenges of sustainable and innovative timber construction in Japan and Australia through a series of events that aim to establish and strengthen long term Industry 4.0 linkages and capacity of the two nations.

Key dates:

Scientific Symposium and Industry Workshops, Kyushu, 20/01/2019 to 02/02/2019

Public Talk, Sydney, 01/03/2019 to 30/04/2019

Social media: @SmartCitiesRC, #INDUSTRY4_UNSW

Australia-Japan Foundation grant offer: $25,000

Last Updated: 17 August 2018