Enhance the library collection and hold Australian Indigenous cultural events

28 August 2018

Sector: Education

Country location: Japan

Grantee: Otemon Gakuin University

Room of people watching a digeridoo performace.
Events of Australian Indigenous Cultures, Osaka, November 2017 (Credit: the Australia Library)

Project description

The Australia library of the Otemon Gakuin University Library is the only dedicated collection of literature on Australia in Japan. In order to serve as the ultimate domestic information centre on Australia in Japan, we plan to purchase non-Japanese books in the area where Australia has done eminent research and it has had a lot of attention in recent years.

We will hold the following events during the school festival (October 27th) Didgeridoo concert, a workshop to make Didgeridoos from bamboo, and a lecture on the areas where Didgeridoos were born and Aboriginal arts. Mr. Kenji Mikami, a well-known didgeridoo player, will aim to support these events.

The event will be a good chance to allow many people to learn about Australian culture, diversity, and the history.

Key dates:

Holding events of the Australian Indigenous cultures, Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan, 27/10/2018

Social media: http://www.oullib.otemon.ac.jp/aus/, https://www.facebook.com/OtemonGakuinUniversity, https://twitter.com/otemon_gakuin_u

Australia-Japan Foundation grant offer: $10,000

Last Updated: 17 August 2018