Rosny College Springboard Taiko Group Japan Trip - Dream Project

Project Summary

28 August 2018

Sector: Building Cultural Understanding / Society and Culture

Country location: Australia, Japan

Grantee: Department of Education Tasmania - Rosny College

people playing drums on a stage
Tasmanian Premier rehearsing with Rosny College Taiko Group. Credit: DPAC

Project description

Drumming is one of the oldest forms of expression, it ‘connects us to the heart and to each other’. It promotes the development of student’s motor skills, confidence and self-awareness.

Springboard is a program at Rosny College Hobart designed to support the learning, social and emotional needs of students with disability. At the end of Term 3, 2017 our Springboard Taiko Drummers performed at the opening of the 'Terrace' at Rosny College. A delegation of Japanese Taiko Masters were in attendance. The Springboard Taiko Drummers impressed the guests to such an extent that we received an invitation to travel to Japan in 2018 to perform with other Taiko groups including a group of students with Down Syndrome (Himawari Taiko). It has been observed that Taiko drumming has helped students with autism remain focussed and engaged. It was also observed that the group dynamic gave the students the courage to flourish and enhance both their physical and mental wellbeing. 

Key dates:

  • Tokyo Concert, Tokyo, 13/10/2018
  • Taiko Exchange, Tokyo, 14/10/2018
  • Taiko Exchange, Hikone, 16/10/2018
  • Yaizu Exchange, Yaizu, 17/10/2018
  • Australian Embassy, Tokyo, 18/10/2018
  • Disneyland, Tokyo, 19/10/2018 to 20/10/2018

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Australia-Japan Foundation grant offer: $20,000

Last Updated: 16 August 2018