Australia-Korea Joint Research Partnership Establishment for SMART and Sustainable Future

Project Summary

13 August 2018

Sector: Science, Technology and Innovation
Country location: Australia, Republic of Korea
Grantee: University of South Australia

group of people posing for photo in a conference room

2018 Australia-Korea Joint Research Public Symposiums at University of South Australia and at Hanyang University. Credit: UniSA Wearable Computer Lab; CADwalk Global Pty.

Project Description

Collaborative research relationships have been created between Australian and Korea through the AUS-KOR research colloquium funded by the Australia-Korea Foundation in 2017. This research relationship has resulted in developing people-to-people networks, and resulting in various joint research and educational outcomes – International Research Journal Publications, Short-term Student Exchange, and Joint Research Proposal. In order to strengthen the current Australia-Korea research collaboration and ensure its continuation through institutional cross-disciplinary joint research and education for Smart and Sustainable Future, the Australia-Korea Foundation grant will be used to establish MoUs for more practical and fruitful people-to-people exchange and joint research initiatives between institutions in both countries. The collaborative Australia-Korea relationship will be further promoted by organising two public research symposiums, one each in Adelaide and Seoul. Through the symposiums, the public can experience cutting-edge smart technologies, and mid career researcher including professors as well as early career researchers including HDR students will have the opportunity to build up an international research network.

Key dates:

  • AUS-KOR research collaboration discussion and Research Facilities Tours, UniSA City East Campus and Mawson Lakes  Campus, Adelaide, Australia, 15 November 2018
  • Public Research Colloquium and Public Event (Virtual Reality Experience), UniSA City East Campus, 16 November 2018
  • MoUs Establishment with Korean Industry Partners and UniSA, 26 November 2018
  • Open Lecture - Korean Zero-carbon Housing Assessment, Seoul, Korea, 26 November 2018
  • Public Research Symposium, Seoul, Korea, 27 November 2018

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Australia-Korea Foundation grant offer: $25,880.00

Last Updated: 6 August 2018