Australia-Korea Research Platform for International Development Cooperation

Project Summary

13 August 2018

Sector: Security and International Relations / Geopolitics
Country location:  Australia, Republic of Korea
Grantee: Korea Association of International Development and Cooperation (KAIDEC)

10 people standing infront of Reengineering Peace for Asia sign

Left to right: Unknown, Yoori Youn (KOICA Researcher), Hee Jin Lee (President of KAIDEC), Unknown, Bokhee Kim (Director of ODA Academy, KOICA), Hisahiro Kondoh (Chair of International Affairs, JASID), Xuili Xu (Chair of International Affairs, CIDRN), Kyungyon Moon (Chair of International Affairs, KAIDEC), Sung Gyu Kim (Chair of General Affairs, KAIDEC). Credit: Jeju Forum Office & KAIDEC.

Project Description

The Centre for Australian Studies at Yonsei University and Korea Association of International Development and Cooperation on the Korean side and Development Policy Centre, ANU on the Australian side, jointly build Australia-Korea Research Platform for International Development Cooperation. There is demand for collaboration in international aid, but there is no institutionalized platform. The project builds a collaboration platform where Australian and Korean researchers, practitioners and policymakers exchange experiences and ideas. While Australia leads in gender and Pacific Islands, Korea has transitioned from an aid recipient to an aid donor. To build a sustainable network, we intend to organize a session in each country’s conference. It enhances mutual understanding on each country’s aid policies and practices, which is increasingly important for regional geopolitics in ASEAN countries and Pacific Islands. The collaboration will not only benefit the organizations’ members, but also researchers, practitioners and policymakers from both countries and possibly those from developing countries.

Key dates:

  • Australasian Aid Conference, Canberra, Australia, 19 February 2019 to 20 February 2019
  • KAIDEC-CAS Conference, Seoul, 7 December 2018

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Australia-Korea Foundation grant offer: $24,600.00

Last Updated: 7 August 2018